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Plastic Retail Store Grocery Shopping Carts

Many retailers like the visual appeal of plastic carts. Plastic retail shopping carts are typically lighter in weight than a similar size all wire cart and offer some protection to store fixtures. Our all polymer plastic carts have an advanced polymer frame while our hybrid plastic carts have a tubular metal frame and wire back gate which have been the standard for several decades.

Hybrid Plastic Shopping Carts

Hybrid plastic carts have been preferred by retailers for decades. The plastic baskets offer a no rust surface for placing items, more color awareness for branding, and carts are lighter in weight to their all wire equivalent. The tubular metal frames and wire back gates have a durable baked on powder coated finish just like their all wire metal counterparts.

All Polymer Shopping Carts

Looking for a more modern cart? The all polymer plastic carts are stronger, more durable, require less maintenance, and have the features that your customers request and enjoy. An advanced polymer frame will never rust and give these carts a more stable load and weight capacity than traditional carts.