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Retail Shopping Cart Parts and Accessories

Premier Carts offers standard replacement parts for the carts we sell as well as common replacement parts for the most popular brands of retail carts sold in the US.

Shopping Cart Wheels & Casters

The majority of retail carts utilize a 5 inch diameter wheel. A polyurethane (Poly) tread is the standard for most new carts. The TPE wheel has a slightly softer rubber like tread. The Super wheel has a durable rubber compound smooth rounded tread and is our premium wheel. The Anti-Static and Friction wheels are specialty wheels designed for specific needs. A few small cart models may utilize a 4 inch diameter wheel.

Material Handling Wheels & Casters

The material handling warehouse carts we offer utilize a variety of wheels. Our cart descriptions will normally reference the replacement wheels our carts require. We offer detailed descriptions for our replacement wheels so you can help determine if our wheels and casters may work for your fleet of carts.

Child Safety

Premier Carts offers replacement retail grocery shopping cart child seat belts that meet ASTM F2372 specifications. These replacement child restraints work with standard US retail shopping carts with a child seat area and the strapping material is the main difference in the three styles we offer. Many retailers also offer a few carts with a padded infant seat attached or an infant seat dock that allows the customer to safely attach their own child seat carriers to the retail grocery shopping carts.

Cart Handles

Our grocery shopping cart handles are available plain or with optional printing in white block letters.

Cart Leg Hole Closures

Grocery shopping cart leg hole closures (LHC) or seat flaps vary by manufacturer and brand of carts. We offer most styles but do not offer every type of leg hole closure for all carts in the US.